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C00254755 Door Interlock

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  • EAN5030017481023
HOTPOINT Genuine Washing Machine Door Lock Interlock Unit

Brand new genuine original replacement door lock interlock unit for your Hotpoint washing machine.

**Please note: This part has been updated by the manufacturer and although looks slightly different will still fit the models listed below

Fits models:


AWM108EU.N, BHWD 129 /1, BHWD 129, BHWD 149 /1, BHWD 149, BHWM 129 /1, BHWM 129 /2, BHWM 129, BHWM 149 /2, BHWM 149, BHWM149UK2, BHWMD 732, BHWMD 742, H7L 123 P (E), HE7L 252P, HE7L 292P, HE7L 492P, HE7L 692P, HF6B 351G, HF6B 351P, HF6D 551G, HF8B 593G, HF8B 593P, HF8D 393P, HV5L 125 P, HV6F 160 P, HV6L 105 P, HV7F 140 P, HV7L 130 G, HV7L 145 G, HV7L 145 P, HY6F 1551P.C, HY6F 1551P, HY6F 3551P.C, HY6F 3551P.T, HY6F 3551P, HY6F 5551P, IWDE7145SUK, IWE91281ECOU, SWMD 8237, SWMD 8437, SWMD 9437, SWMD 9437G, SWMD 9637, SWMD 9637G, SWMD 9637XR, SWMD8437UK, SWMD9437UK, SWMD9637UK, WDAL 8640G, WDAL 8640P, WDAL 9640G, WDD 740 P, WDD 960 A .C, WDD 960 G .C, WDD 960 K, WDD 960 P .C, WDD 960 P, WDD960AUK, WDD960GUK, WDD960P, WDF 740 A .C, WDF 740 G .C, WDF 740 K, WDF 740 P, WDF 740 X, WDF740AUK, WDF740G, WDF740GUK, WDF760PUK, WDL 520 G .C, WDL 520 P .C, WDL 520 P, WDL 5290 G, WDL 5290 P, WDL 540 G .C, WDL 540 G, WDL 540 P .C, WDL 5490 G, WDL 5490 P, WDL520GUK, WDL520P, WDL540P, WDL540PUK.K, WDPG 8640G, WDPG 8640K, WDPG 8640P, WDPG 8640X, WDPG 9640G, WDPG 9640P, WDUD 10760 DP, WDUD 9640G, WDUD 9640K, WDUD 9640P, WMAL 621P, WMAL 641G, WMAL 641K, WMAL 641P, WMAL 661G, WMAL 661P, WMAQB 641P, WMAQB 721P, WMAQB 741G, WMAQB 741P, WMAQB741GUK, WMAQC 641P, WMAQC 741P, WMAQF 621G, WMAQF 621P, WMAQF 641G, WMAQF 641P, WMAQF 721G, WMAQF 721P, WMAQG 641G, WMAQG 721P, WMAQG 741P, WMAQL 621G, WMAQL 621P, WMAQL 641G, WMAQL 641P, WMAQL 721A, WMAQL 721P, WMAQL 741 P, WMAQL 741G, WMAQL621GUK, WMAQL621PUK, WMAQL641GUK, WMAQL741GUK, WMD 740 P .R, WMD 940 A .R, WMD 940 G .R, WMD 940 G (8kg) 35mm Scrwd, WMD 940 K 35mm Scrwd, WMD 940 K .R, WMD 940 P .R, WMD 942 G, WMD 942 K, WMD 945 P, WMD 947 G, WMD 947 P, WMD 960 A .R, WMD 960 G .R, WMD 960 G (8kg) 35mm Scrwd, WMD 960 P .R, WMD 960 P (8kg) 35mm Scrwd, WMD 962 G, WMD 962 P, WMD 967 G, WMD 967 P, WMD 9692 P, WMD940AUK, WMD940PUK, WMD942PUK.R, WMD960AUK, WMEF 641P, WMEF 7025P, WMEF 702P, WMEF 722 BC, WMEF 7225A, WMEF 7225P, WMEF 722G, WMEF 722P, WMEF 742G, WMEF 742P, WMEF 762P, WMEF 923P, WMEF 943P, WMEF 943X, WMEF 963G, WMEF 963P, WMF 520 P .R, WMF 540 G .R, WMF 540 P .C, WMF 540 P .R, WMF 560 P .R, WMF 720 G .R, WMF 720 P .R, WMF 740 A .R, WMF 740 G .C, WMF 740 G .R, WMF 740 K .R, WMF 740 P .R, WMF 740 X, WMF 760 A .R, WMF 760 A (7kg) 35mm Scrwd, WMF 760 G .R, WMF 760 P .R, WMF 760 X, WMF 940 P .R, WMF 945 G, WMF540GUK, WMF540P, WMF560PUK, WMF740AUK, WMF740GUK, WMF740KUK, WMF740PUK, WMF760GUK, WMF760PUK, WMF940P, WMF945PUK, WMFG 611G, WMFG 611P, WMFG 631G, WMFG 631P, WMFG 641G, WMFG 651P, WMFG 741G, WMFG 741P, WMFG 8337G, WMFG 8337P, WMFG 8537G, WMFG 8537K, WMFG 8537P, WMFUG 742G, WMFUG 742P, WMFUG742GUK, WMFUG742PUK, WML 520 P 25mm, WML 520 P .R, WML 520 P, WML 540 G .C, WML 540 G .R, WML 540 P .C, WML 540 P .R, WML 540 P (6KG) 30mm, WML 560 G 35mm Scrwd, WML 560 G .R, WML 560 P 35mm Scrwd, WML 560 P .R, WML 720 P .R, WML 730 G .R, WML 730 P .R, WML 760 P .R, WML 940 P .R, WML520P, WML540GUK, WML730P, WML740GUK, WML740PUK, WML760G (7kg) 35mm Scrwd, WML760P (7kg) 35mm Scrwd, WML945PUK, WMPF 742G, WMPF 742K, WMPF 742P, WMPF 762G, WMPF 762P, WMPF 823P, WMPF 843G, WMPG 742B, WMPG 742G, WMPG 742P, WMPG 762G, WMPG 762P, WMSAQG 621G, WMSAQG 621P, WMSEF 621P, WMSFG 621P, WMSL 501P, WMSL 521P, WMSYL 621G, WMSYL 621P, WMUD 1043PX, WMUD 10637P, WMUD 843 BC, WMUD 843P, WMUD 843PX, WMUD 942 G, WMUD 942 P, WMUD 9427 G, WMUD 9427 P, WMUD 942B, WMUD 942K, WMUD 942X, WMUD 943PX, WMUD 962 G, WMUD 962 P, WMUD 9627 P, WMUD 963P, WMXTF 742G, WMXTF 742K, WMXTF 742P, WMYL 6151B, WMYL 6151P, WMYL 6351 K, WMYL 6351G, WMYL 6351P, WMYL 641P, WMYL 6551P, WMYL 661G, WMYL 661K, WMYL 661P, WMYL 7151PS, WMYL 8352P, WMYL 8552G, WMYL 8552P,
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Manufacturer Whirlpool
GTIN 5030017481023
Model Number C00254755
Block eCommerce No
Price £24.95
Grade -1
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C00254755 Door Interlock

C00254755 Door Interlock