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Universal Cutlery Basket

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    Belling Stove Neff Hotpoint Servis Bosch Electrolux Universal Cutlery Basket 38

    Length 240mm, Width 135mm, Height with handle 240mm, Height without handle 125mm

    OPN: MWP38

    Fit to Model:

    116AOG, 1400JET, 1401, 1402, 1416IGB, 1416PGB, 2100, 2116AOG, 2116B, 2262E, 2263E, 278B, CLASSIC2D, D3000BG, D3000BG1, D3000WG, D3000WG1, D3200WG, D320B, D320BG, D320G, D321B, D3300WG, D350BG, D351B, D355WG, D357BQ, D360BG, D365WG, D367BQ, D371B, D372B, D373BG, D374WG, D3800WG, D4000WG, DG5000WG, DG5100BG, DG5100WG, DG5300WG, DG5400WG, DG5400WG1, DG6300WG, DW12, DW6006, DW9SUK, DWE16000, DWE16002, DWE16003, INDW9SUK, INDW9UK, KLS60UK, KLS61S2IXU, KLS61S2UK, KLS61SUK, KLS61UK, KLS63ESUK, KLS63SUK, LS1024NGB, LS1024UK, LS1044GB, LS1044NUK, LS1054GB, LS1054NGB, LS1064GB, LS1084NGB, LS1094GB, LS601UK, LS603UK, LS605UK, LS609UK, LS612GB, LS612STUK, LS801, LS814, LS815, LS816, LST660UK, NEWWORLD, OMEGA, RDW1217G

    Acec: LVI460B (S/N 911821081)/ 460N (S/N 911821082)/ 460W (S/N 911821080)

    Proline: PDW080/ 081S

    Compatible Part Number:

    Stove / Belling: 082632642
    Electrolux: 1170388001, 50266728000
    Hotpoint: C00079023, C00094297
    Hoover: 41027980, 92965912, 41027980
    Servis: 720018900
    Elka: / 6525510401
    Universal: MWP51
    More Information
    Manufacturer Wallaces
    Model Number ELE5231
    Block eCommerce No
    Price £14.99
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     Universal Cutlery Basket

    Universal Cutlery Basket