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Kenwood KVC3100S Kenwood Chef

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Powerful performance, generous capacity and masterful mixing come together in the Kenwood KVC3100S Chef Premier Stand Mixer: but is it right for you? Daily Mail Best Buys gives you an honest review.

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just getting stuck into the world of baking, a stand mixer is a necessity in many recipes, and most well-stocked kitchens should have one in their arsenal.

So how do you choose the right one?

Well, these are pretty pricey pieces of kit, and they need to be strong and sturdy enough to tackle whatever you’re cooking up. So if you’re planning on using a stand mixer frequently, don’t be afraid of investing in one that’s durable and heavy-duty at it will see you through the years.

Ticking all of these boxes and more, we've chosen to review this Kenwood mixer.
The Kenwood KVC3100KS Chef Premier Stand Mixer's features
A powerful 1000W motor
With some stand mixer motors on the market going as low as 250 or 300 watts, the performance of this Kenwood stand mixer is definitely ahead of the pack. This extra punch means it’ll have no trouble tackling heavy and sticky consistencies, including bread doughs or other thick batters. Reviewers praise the mixer’s ability to beat and whip with ease, without overheating and or making any additional noise.

Bowl capacity and capabilities
The Kenwood Chef Premier's generous 4.6L-capacity bowl is another factor that puts it at the mid-to-top end of the stand mixer category, rivalling most of its competitors. There are some stand mixers out there that offer slightly more capacity (4.8L or 5L), but for most people, 4.6L will be more than enough to accommodate one batch of whatever you’re whipping up.

As a guide, these are the batters and ingredients (along with their measurements) that this Kenwood mixer can accommodate:

Cake: 2.72kg

Dough: 2.18kg

Egg whites: 12

Flour for pastry: 680g

Kenwood stand mixer attachments
The KVC3100S comes complete with three essential attachments; a Kenwood K-Beater, balloon whisk and dough hook. While basic, these attachments are versatile and comparable to what other quality stand mixers come with.

Its included attachments are multi-functional enough to tackle most things on the menu, but you can easily expand your options by purchasing a few extras from Kenwood's selection of more than 20 variations. And good news if you already own a Kenwood stand mixer, as most attachments (except, notably, the food mincer) will work with the Chef Premier.

All parts are dishwasher-safe, and you also get a spatula and a splashguard included with this model.

Food mincer attachment, £85.89 at Amazon
Flexible speed options and pulse setting
Variable speeds plus a pulse setting are perfect for whatever’s on the cooking cards that day and give you added control over your bakes. If your dough just needs a little extra kneading or your meringue batter needs to form slightly stiffer peaks, you can adjust the speed to get the setting that’s right for you.

Photo: John Lewis
Durable and built to last
These come with a two-year warranty when you buy one from John Lewis, but you only have to read the reviews to understand that Kenwood stand mixers are built for life. Many shoppers claim that their models lasted 36 to 60 (yes, sixty) years before finally giving up the ghost. For fun, let’s say this particular mixer lasts an average of 43 years- that means you’re paying about eight pounds per year for this model.

The design of this stand mixer really excels, as it's incredibly straightforward and simple to use. There are no overcomplicated buttons, just a simple knob to twist and a button that releases the mixer attachment. The bowl is easy to remove and the attachments are easy to swap out and wash. Bonus points for the splashguard, which features a little segment for feeding in ingredients.

Noise factor
There are some mixed reviews online about the noisiness of this machine. Most reviewers praise the peace and quiet it offers compared to other models, particularly on the lower settings. But a couple of reviewers claim it’s louder than they were expecting. We suppose this really boils down to what you consider to be noisy- but still, it’s good to know there are no overwhelmingly negative reviews about the loudness of this mixer.

Photo: John Lewis
Big style in a great size
This Kenwood stand mixer is an undeniably stylish machine with chrome or white colour options and a minimal design that’ll blend in on any work surface. It has a reasonably modest footprint of 38cm by 28cm, so there’s no urgent need to store it away if you have space to spare on your counter; it’ll also slot easily into most kitchen cupboards without any hassle.

Where to buy the Kenwood Chef Premier
At most retailers, this Kenwood stand mixer goes for £419.99. We haven't found much variation between the prices online, except on Amazon, where this Kenwood mixer is currently retailing for £289. Keep an eye out, though as you might be able to snag an even bigger deal if this goes on sale during Amazon Prime Day this year.

£289 at Amazon
£419.99 at John Lewis
How does it stack up against other Kenwood stand mixers?
This is one of the cheaper stand mixer models from Kenwood, but it’s also one of the most consistently highly-rated. You could consider the XL version if you need more bowl capacity or the kMix if you’re interested in a machine with the capability to fold mixtures (although the folding tool is sold separately).

Is a Kenwood or KitchenAid mixer better?
Both Kenwood and KitchenAid make excellent mixers for home bakers. Either brand will deliver on power, quality, style and durability.

The Kenwood Chef Premier is most comparable to the Classic KitchenAid Stand Mixer. They are similar in features and functionality; both come with three attachments as standard and can be upgraded with additional attachments. They differ in that the Kenwood comes with a mixing shield (sold separately by KitchenAid) and its standard bowl is a little larger.

The Classic KitchenAid, on the other hand, is a little more inexpensive and has a more timeless design. Read our full review of the Classic KitchenAid Stand Mixer to help you decide if a Kenwood or KitchenAid is better for you!

The Verdict
This Kenwood stand mixer wins points for:

Powerful performance


Ease of use


Style, size and (generally) low noise levels

This stand mixer could do better by:

Having more attachments included in the price

Having a larger bowl capacity, but only if you specifically need to make large batches.

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