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3890813045 genuine fan oven motor

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  • EAN5030017050380
Zanussi/Electrolux/Various Main Oven Fan Motor Unit Part Number: 3890813045

Zanussi main oven fan motor unit for AEG, Electrolux, Ikea, John Lewis, Lamona, Tricity Bendix or Zanussi cooker oven.
Brand Zanussi
Appliance Type Cooker Oven
Part Type Main Oven Fan Motor Unit
Part Number 3890813045
Previous Part Number 3370673091, 3304920204, 8996619265052, 3370673018
Voltage 240V
Power -
Colour -
Further Details

Please ensure this is the correct part for your appliance before purchasing. This item is a suitable replacement part for the following makes and models but if your appliance is not listed here then please check your appliance users guide and installation handbook or contact us.
Make Model
AEG B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-W UK, B1180-4-W UK, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-W UK, B2100-4-W UK, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-M EURO, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-W UK, B3101-4-W EURO, B3101-4-W UK, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-A EURO, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-B EURO, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-M EURO, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-W UK, B4101-4-W EURO, B4101-4-W UK, D77000GF-M, D77000GF-W, E2191-4-A UK, E8931-4-A NORDIC, E8931-4-M NORDIC, B6100-1-D, CB1180-1-M UK, CB1180-1-W U, CB2100-1-B UK, CB2100-1-D UK, CB2100-1-G UK, CB2100-1-M UK, CB2100-1-W UK, CB2190-1-B UK, CB2190-1-M UK, CB2190-1-W UK, CB3000-1-B EURO, CB3000-1-M EURO, CB3100-1-B EURO, CB3100-1-M EURO, CB3100-1-W EURO, CB3190-1-B EURO, CB3190-1-M EURO, CB3190-1-W EURO, CB4100-1-A UK, CB4100-1-A EURO, CB4100-1-B EURO, CB4100-1-D UK, CB4100-1-D EURO, CB4100-1-M UK, CB4100-1-M EURO, CB4100-1-W UK, CB4100-1-W EURO, CB4100-1-W SKAND, CB6100-1-A EURO, CB6100-1-B EURO, CB6100-1-M UK, CB6100-1-M EURO, CB6100-1-W UK, CB6100-1-W EURO, CB8100-1-A EURO, CB8100-1-B EURO, CB8100-1-M EURO, CB8100-1-W EURO, CE3000-1-B EURO, CE3000-1-M EURO, CE3000-1-W EURO, CE3100-1-B EURO, CE3100-1-D EURO, CE3100-1-M EURO, CE3100-1-W EURO, CE3190-1-B EURO, CE3190-1-M EURO, CE4100-1-A EURO, CE4100-1-B EURO, CE4100-1-D EURO, CE4100-1-M EURO, CE4100-1-W EURO, CE6100-1-A EURO, CE6100-1-B EURO, CE6100-1-M EURO, CE6100-1-W EURO, CE8100-1-A EURO, CE8100-1-B EURO, CE8100-1-M EURO, CE8100-1-W EURO, E2190-1-A, 47056VS-WN, 47056VS-MN, 47036IU-MN, 40006VS-WN, 4705RVS-WN, 4705RVS-MN, 4705PVS-MN, 47056IU-WN, 47056IU-MN, 347056V-MN, 347056V-WN, 30006VL-WN, 40006VS-MN, 947056V-MN, 947056V-WN, 47056VS-W8, BOGESM, KS8100001M, BOCSHGM, DE4003000M, NC4003020M, NC7003000M, DE4003000B, DE4003020M, DC4003000M, DC7003000M, NC4003000M, DC4003020M, DE3004021M, NC4013021M, NC7013001M, NC4013001M, DE4013001M, DE4013021M, DC7013001M, DC4013001M, DE4043001B, DC4013021M, NC7013021M, DC7013021M, DC7013101M, DE401301DM, DE401302DM, DE401303DM, NC4013011M, KM7100000M, KM8100001M, KB8100001M, BOCHMGM, BOCHGRM, 42106IU-WN, 42116VE-WN, 41116IE-WN, 42106IUWN, 43036IW-MN, 43336VY-MN, 49002VMN, BE5014721M, BE5014321M, BE5501472M, BE5014701M, BE8012711M, BE501472JM, BE801271SM, BE500472JM, BP5014321M, BP5014301M, BP8012711M, BP801271SM, BP821430FM, BP821432FM, BP500432SM, BE8715001M, BE8615001M, BE8715101M, BE8615101M, BE871510IM, BE861510IM, BP8715001M, BP8615001M, BP8715101M, BP8615101M, BP871510KM, BP861510KM, BE2103111M, BE3003021M, BE3301302M, BE3003001M, BE2003021M, BE2003021W, BE3003021W, BE300300IM, BC3331300M, BC3331302M, BC2101001M, BP3003001M, BP3003021M, BP2103021M, BP3213111M, BP320300KM, BP3103001M, EE2000221D, EE2000221W, EE2000221M, 40107VE-WN, BOCSHG-M, KS7100000M, U4111-6-W, U4111-6-M, U41116M, U88106-M, D31016-B, D31016-M, D4111-6-M, D41116-M, D8810-6-M, D88106-M, D31016-W, KB9810E-M, BOCHGR-M, BOCHMG-M, KB7100000M, D67000VF-W, D67000VF-M, D98000VF-W, D98000VF-M, 49332I-MN, D77000GF-M
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Ikea FDOV8/2 101-562-08, FDOV8/2, OV23 902-452-01, Valfri 502.847.08, MIRAKULOS 502-452-03, GRANSLOS 802-452-06, MIRAKULOS 002.847.20, MIRAKULOS 80300863, MIRAKULOS 30300865, KULINARISK 80245211, KULINARISK 00284701, MIRAKULOS 40300860, GRANSLOS 30300907, GRANSLOS 10300908
Lamona LAM4402, LAM4403, LAM3700, LAM3701
New World
Parkinson Cowan
Tricity Bendix SE501/1W, SE501/1S, SE558/1FPS, SE500/1X
Zanussi ZCV664MX, ZCV664MW, ZCE663NW, ZCV6602MW, ZCV6601MWC, ZCV6601MXC, ZCE6601MW, ZCV6601MW, ZCV6601MX, ZCV6603MW, ZCV6603MX, ZCV96603MX, ZCG6600MW, ZOD35561WK, ZOU370W, ZOU370X, ZOD35561XK, ZOU580X, ZOD35702BK, ZOD35702XK, ZOD370W, ZOD370X, ZOD580N, ZOD580X, ZOF35561XK, ZOF35501WK, ZOD690X, ZOF35702XK, ZOF35501XK, ZOD35511WK, ZOD35511XK, ZOE35511XK, ZOD35712BK, ZOD35712XK, ZOF35712XK, ZOF35511WK, ZOF35511XK, ZOF35517XA, ZOD35517XA, ZOD35511DX, ZOD35517DX, ZOD55512XA, ZOD35511XA, ZOF35517DX, ZOF35511XA, ZKT6050X, ZCV551MW, ZCV551MX, ZCV661MX, ZCV665MW, ZCV665MX, ZCV642MX, ZCV651MW, ZCV550MNC, ZCV550MXC, ZCV550MWC, ZCV662MWC, ZCV662MXC, ZCV662MNC, ZCV663MWC, ZCV663MXC, ZCV651MN, ZCV665MN, ZKC6000W, ZCV661MW, ZCV661MWC, ZCV621MW, ZCV552MWC, ZKM6040XN, ZOS35802XD, ZOB35805XK, ZOB35806XK, ZOA35525WK, ZOA35525XK, ZOA35526WK, ZOA35526XK, ZOB35602XK, ZOB35631XA, ZOB25601XK, ZOB35701XK, ZOB25602XK, ZOB35632XA, ZOB35712WK, ZOB35712BK, ZOB35712XK, ZOB35772XD, ZOB35752XD, ZOB25321XA, ZOB535752X, ZOB535712X, ZOB33701MR, ZOB33701CR, ZOB33701PR, ZOB35772WK, ZOB35772XK, ZOB35301WK, ZOB35301BK, ZOB35301XK, ZOB35301XA, ZOB35309XA, ZOB65301XK, ZOA35502XD, ZOA35802BK, ZOA35802XD, ZOA35701XK, ZOA35752XD, ZOA35301XA, ZOA35309XA, ZOB38903XD, ZOP37902XK, ZOP38903XD, ZOP38903XK, ZOP37902XV, ZOP37907XA, ZOP37909XA, ZKM6040WN, ZKM6040SN, ZOU270X, ZOU370N, ZKC5540W, ZKC5540S, ZKC5540X, ZKC6010W, ZKC6020W, ZKC6020S, ZKC6020X, ZKC6040W, ZKC6040S, ZKC6040X, ZKT6050W
More Information
Manufacturer Electrolux
GTIN 5030017050380
Model Number 3890813045
Block eCommerce No
Price £49.00
Grade -1
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3890813045 genuine fan oven motor

3890813045 genuine fan oven motor